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Learn more about the services we provide below. Let us know if you’d like more information about a specific offering.

We service the East Columbus area; including Pickerington, Canal Winchester, and Reynoldsburg.

Lawn Service

We offer lawn services on a weekly and biweekly basis. Each service includes mowing, string trimming, edging (if applicable), and grass clipping clean up.

Lawn Mower Selection Support


We typically mow at a height of approximately 3 inches. Mowing height may be adjusted depending on your lawn type and your preference. We also vary the mowing pattern regularly.


Using a string trimmer, we trim grass around trees, fences, lamp posts, mail boxes or any permanent structure where grass is adjacent.


Using a powered edger or string trimmer, we will edge areas of your lawn adjoining hard surface walkways and driveways that have a straight edge. 


After all other portions of the lawn service have been completed, we will blow off any stray grass clippings from driveways, sidewalks and patios.

Lawn Service
Property Cleanup
Purple Hyacinth Close Up

Debris Removal

Debris such as sticks, branches, and leaf litter will be removed from your lawn and flower beds and hauled away.

Leaf Cleanup

For fall leaf clean up, we offer a couple of options. Leaves can be mulched with our mowers and left on the lawn. This method is generally more affordable and acts as a natural fertilizer for your grass. Alternatively, we can bag leaves and haul them away.

Popular add-on services

  • Cutting back perennials

  • Trimming and pruning bushes and shrubbery

  • Full lawn service

Property Cleanup

A basic cleanup consists of removing any debris from your flower beds and lawn, giving your property a fresh look. Feel free to add other maintenance services to your cleanup.

Landscape Maintenance

Landscape Maintenance

We offer various landscape maintenance services. From mulch installation to bush trimming.

Mulch, Bush Trim

Landscape Maintenance Services

  • Mulch Installation

  • Trimming and pruning bushes and shrubbery

  • Cutting back perennials

  • Bush and plant removal

  • Flower bed edging

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